About Us

At Sunshine Coast Mobile Personal Training we desire to bring you the very best and up to date fitness training on the Sunshine Coast!

Our number one goal, apart from helping you to achieve your fitness goals, is to make it convenient for you and that's why we are a completely mobile fitness company.

Many people have extremely busy schedules which make it difficult for them to find time to get to a gym to train or they have young children at home who either can't be taken or don't want to be dragged along to a gym.

The solution is simple!  Let us come to you!

We can train with you in your home, your backyard, the local park or wherever is convenient and suitable for you.  If you don't have anywhere specific you would like to train then we can easily arrange somewhere.

Remember, we can come right to your door and you won't pay an extra cent for it! Try us out, you won't be disappointed.